Lynn S. Fischer, Principal Broker

Lynn has had extensive experience as an owner/general contractor of a commercial construction company for over 15 years; commercial developer, background in land acquisition, zoning, property conception, design and blueprints estimating, drywall, metal stud framing, insulation, acoustical ceilings, wall systems, exterior fascia boards, zoning and project development, real estate out lot sales, commercial business retail leasing, residential development sales, investor portfolio sales and business management. Her design major at Purdue has assisted her well throughout her career. She has been a commercial and residential broker for over 35 years specializing in residential and commercial zoning, listing, leasing, sales, building consulting, investment buying and portfolio ownership, 1031 exchanges, religious and special use properties, land sales and negotiating bank short sales. All of her education and experience as a real estate broker has created a business that is almost 100% referral; however, the love of the business makes it exciting with every new client. Lynn believes that constantly growing and increasing your knowledge is the key to understanding your present clients, as well as assisting future clients and the ever-changing real estate industry. Lynn is among only a handful of Principal Brokers with this substantial experience in all types of real estate. She also has served on the boards Fishers Sertoma Group and is an active member the Indiana Real Estate Exchangers (IREX)Group, Kentucky Real Estate Exchangors (KREE), and Florida Real Estate Exchangors (FREE).  

Marlene Schafer, Office Real Estate Assistant to Lynn S Fischer

Marlene has been in Real Estate for over 33 years. She is  taking a break from selling real estate to become my  real estate office assistant.  Marlene loves in her spare time traveling, camping, hiking and the Indiana sunsets. She enjoys making crafts and spending time with her family and grandchildren. 

Juli C. Bernock, Marketing/Communications Associate

Juli graduated from Wright State University (Dayton, OH) in 1991 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Her expansive marketing background includes university, radio, government, environmental, manufacturing, airline, health care, real estate and day spa/salon sectors. She has continued her education over the years to include website development, Photoshop applications and public relations techniques. Her past experience includes managing a annual marketing budget of $51M and an advertising budget of $15M. Juli also has experience coordinating TV, radio and print advertising.

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